About Me

Basic Info

Name: “S”.
Age: 25.
Relationship status: Married. My husband “Z”.
Children: 2. One girl “T”, one boy “B”.
Home state: Illinois.
Current state: Colorado.

Facts About Me:

01. I am 5’2¾” but I always round it up to 5’3″.
02. I have strong Christian views. I trust in God for everything.
03. I grew up across the way of St. Louis, MO.
04. Therefore, I have strong St. Louis tendencies. (Cardinals, rap music, etc.)
05. My favorite band is Thirty Seconds to Mars.
(Favorite songs: “Birth“, “Conquistador“, and “Kings and Queens“.)
06. My favorite artist is Demi Lovato. (Favorite songs: “Nightingale“, “Warrior“, and “Two Pieces“.)
07. My playlist ranges from Five Finger Death Punch to Drake. I do NOT like country music, at all.
08. I was tested to type once. My fastest speed was almost 175wpm. I average about 110wpm normally.
09. I can read the entire Harry Potter series in less than 24 hours.
10. My favorite food is mashed potatoes with brown gravy.
11. I am lactose intolerant but it doesn’t bother me. I hate cheese and milk.
12. I have 5 siblings.
13. I am half Korean, but don’t know the language.
14. My favorite color is turquoise.
15. I hate high collared shirts. I can’t have anything touching my neck.
16. I have played the clarinet for over 17 years.
17. I learned HTML and Photoshop from MySpace.
18. I have a perfect heart birthmark on my left index finger.
19. I have been to 17/50 states.
20. I have been out of the country three times: South Korea, the Bahamas, & the Caribbeans.
21. I have never smoked cigarettes, done any drugs, or ever been drunk.
22. I am not ticklish whatsoever.
23. I only like Windows for computers but Apple for phones/tablets.
24. I have one tattoo and one piercing. I’m planning on 4 tattoos total.
25. My favorite holiday is Christmas but my favorite “time” of the year is Halloween to New Years.

(I will add a fact every year for the age that I am.)