About Me

Basic Info

Name: “S”.
Age: 26.
Relationship status: Married. My husband “Z”.
Children: 3. Two girls, “T & A”. 1 boy, “B”.
Home state: Illinois.
Current state: Colorado.

Facts About Me:

01. I am 5’2¾” but I always round it up to 5’3″.
02. I am perpetually tired.
03. I grew up across the way of St. Louis, MO.
04. Therefore, I have strong St. Louis tendencies. (Cardinals, rap music, etc.)
05. My favorite band is Thirty Seconds to Mars.
(Favorite songs: “Birth“, “Conquistador“, and “Kings and Queens“.)
06. My favorite artist is Demi Lovato. (Favorite songs: “Nightingale“, “Warrior“, and “Two Pieces“.)
07. My playlist ranges from Five Finger Death Punch to Drake. I do NOT like country music, at all.
08. I was tested to type once. My fastest speed was almost 175wpm. I average about 110wpm normally.
09. I can read the entire Harry Potter series in less than 24 hours.
10. My favorite food is mashed potatoes with brown gravy.
11. I am lactose intolerant but it doesn’t bother me. I hate cheese and milk.
12. I have 5 siblings.
13. I am half Korean, but don’t know the language.
14. My favorite color is turquoise.
15. I hate high collared shirts. I can’t have anything touching my neck.
16. I have played the clarinet for over 19 years.
17. I learned HTML and Photoshop from MySpace.
18. I have a perfect heart birthmark on my left index finger.
19. I have been to 17/50 states.
20. I have been out of the country three times: South Korea, the Bahamas, & the Caribbeans.
21. I hate working out.
22. I am not ticklish whatsoever.
23. I only like Windows for computers but Apple for phones/tablets.
24. I have one tattoo and three piercings. I’m planning on 4 tattoos total.
25. My favorite holiday is Christmas but my favorite “time” of the year is Halloween to New Years.
26. My favorite wines are moscato and rosé.

(I will add a fact every year for the age that I am.)