2016 | May Menu

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Week of 5/1-5/7

Sunday: Steak.
Monday: Fettuccine alfredo.
Tuesday: Beef stroganoff.
Wednesday: Breakfast.
Thursday: Black beans and rice.
Friday: None. Had takeout for dinner.
Saturday: Hot dogs.

Week of 5/8-5/14

Sunday: Breaded baked chicken breasts.
Monday: Crunchy taco.
Tuesday: None. Cheer clinics.
Wednesday: Pizza.
Thursday: None. Cheer clinics.
Friday: Breakfast scramble.
Saturday: Pork chops.

Week of 5/15-5/21

Sunday: Corn chowder.
Monday: Chicken and sweet potato stew.
Tuesday: Spaghetti.
Wednesday: Chili.
Thursday: Waffles.
Friday: White bean and vegetable soup.
Saturday: Mac ‘n cheese.

Week of 5/22-5/28

Sunday: Fish sticks.
Monday: Orange chicken.
Tuesday: Mexican quinoa.
Wednesday: Hamburger steak with mushrooms.
Thursday: Sesame ginger grilled vegetables and soba noodles.
Friday: Shrimp boil.
Saturday: Hot wings.

Week of 5/29-5/31

Sunday: Spicy shredded chicken.
Monday: Baked ziti.
Tuesday: Lo mein.



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