Book Review | “Gravity” by L.D. Cedergreen

Gravity by L.D. Cedergreen.

Gravity by L.D. Cedergreen

Genres: Contemporary Romance. New Adult. Mystery. Fiction. Paranormal.

GoodReads description:

After years of trying unsuccessfully to conceive a child, Gemma Walsh finds her husband in bed with another woman. Unable to face his betrayal, she retreats to Priest Lake where her family owns a small cabin. But Gemma finds that she is not the only one hiding away at the lake to avoid an ugly truth.

Andrew Monroe was once an essential part of Gemma’s life but tragedy and misunderstanding shattered their bond, separating them. Now twenty years later, Gemma questions the coincidence of their newly intersected paths as she struggles to resist the sparks that ignite between them.

Just when Gemma feels that she has found her second chance at happiness, she is faced with a shocking truth as her reality spirals out of control. She can’t deny the powerful force that brought Andrew back into her life anymore than she can defy the same force that now threatens to pull them apart.

An emotionally-charged, heart-rending story that will leave you to question the freedom in truth and the existence of fate in its deepest sense.

Gravity is about a 35 year old woman named Gemma who is a corporate lawyer married to her husband of 10 years, Ryan. One day when she returns home to quickly grab a file she left at home, she finds her husband in bed with another woman. In shock she flees and returns to her old summer cabin that she has not been to in 20 years. (Not without crashing her car first because she was texting and driving.) When she returns to her old summer home she runs into her old childhood best friend Andrew “Drew” whom she has not seen in 20 years. The book is about them rekindling their relationship.

Unfortunately to say that I was disappointed with Gravity would be the understatement of a lifetime. I actually enjoyed the majority of the book but then there was such an unnecessary, cruel plot twist that the entire book was completely shattered for me which I will actually put in spoilers in case anyone wants to spare themselves of this horrible book ending.


20 years ago the reason that Gemma stopped speaking to Andrew was because one night Andrew left Gemma at a party where his older brother William, who was high on drugs, raped her. William told Andrew that Gemma had consented to the sex and when Andrew confronted Gemma she broke down and was never told him what happened. She never returned after that.

The book revolves around Gemma realizing she still loves Andrew (and Andrew had never stopped loving her) and she’s extremely conflicted about her feelings with Andrew as well as her husband Ryan. They spend 3 months together at the lakehouse beginning a new relationship when Gemma finds out she is pregnant. With her baby’s gestational age it turns out the baby could be EITHER Ryan’s or Andrew’s. When she tells Andrew the news he is happy for her but the next day he tells Gemma he cannot be with her because…

He has an inoperable brain tumor and is dying

Gemma faints out and wakes up in the hospital and here’s where the entire book went up into flames for me.


When Gemma crashed her car in the very beginning it turned out she went into a coma and DREAMED EVERYTHING. When she wakes up she finds out that she was in the crash and nothing was real. That she is indeed pregnant but with Ryan’s baby. When she recovers she is determined to find Andrew and be with him only to find out that he is in the same hospital as her with the brain tumor she found out about in her dream.


Gemma forgives her husband Ryan, they have a baby boy (which they name after Andrew), and “fall in love all over again”.

So. That was that book in a nutshell.

My rating: 1/5.



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