A Day In Our Lives


It has been a while since I’ve done more of a personal post. I decided it might be nice to describe what a typical day is like for a mommy of two.

6:00am: The first alarm for Z goes off. He works an hour away and has to be at work by 7:30am sharp. He is a deep sleeper so I always ensure he is up and off to work. Then I go back to sleep.

8:00am: Good morning, everyone! T and B are awake. I thankfully have them on the same schedule of 8pm-8am but sometimes T wakes up a little earlier. T gets a breakfast of either cereal, oatmeal, or eggs and B starts with a bottle. It can range from 4-8oz.

9:00am: Time for B’s breakfast. Almost always oatmeal. Quick, easy, and he loves it.

9:30am-11:00am: Playtime! We usually just hang out in the babies’ room and play. If I have to make a slow cooker dinner, I’ll prep it around 10:00am.

11:00am: Time for lunch for T and I. It can range anywhere from soup, sandwiches, or leftovers. Bottle for B.

12:00pm: Nap time for B. This is his one and only nap. He will nap from 12:00-2:00pm while T and I just hang out and quietly read or watch a movie together.

2:00pm: B’s awake and ready for lunch! Right now it’s a puree and some baby oatmeal though we are fully transitioning out of baby food and just regular food. After lunch we play some more.

5:00pm: Daddy comes home anywhere from 5:00-6:00pm depending on traffic. He’ll work out with the babies (it’s adorable) then shower and I will cook dinner.

6:00pm: Time for dinner, mmm. It usually takes us a solid hour between feeding ourselves, making sure T is eating, and spoon feeding B.

7:00pm: If it’s a bath night for the babies, we do that then. Sometimes B and T will bathe together, they love to splash!, but recently we’ve been transitioning T to showering by herself as she’s turning 5 this year and should be becoming more responsible for herself.

7:45pm: Time to get ready for bed! B has a bottle and then both babies’ have their teeth (gums for B, still no teeth!) brushed. We all snuggle up on T’s bed and read a bedtime story and then it’s off to bed.

8:00pm: The babies are down and it’s time for Z and I to spend time together. We usually watch movies, read, catch up on TV shows or just talk. Every other day I’ll take a shower now. Most days Z is down by 10:30pm or 12:00am at the latest. I’m anywhere between there or sometimes a little later just reading.

Well, that’s a normal weekday for us! Weekends aren’t much different except Z is home from work. We try to go out when we can but we’re saving up for our big move so most weekends we relax at home and enjoy each other’s companies. We love being parents of 2, there’s always something fun going on.



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