2014 | April Menu

I struggle with food a lot. I’m lactose intolerant and on top of that, an extremely picky eater. I always found myself making the same things over and over and realized my family needed more. A few months ago I started planning out weekly meal plans and have been absolutely amazed by the results. I feel so much better and I’m so happy that just about every night my family is eating a fresh, home cooked meal. Therefore I’ve decided to help those who are struggling like I did and to share my menus and recipes as I go. Thank you to all the websites and blogs that have provided these easy recipes!

(Click to view full size version.)

Week of 4/1-4/5

Tuesday: BBQ chicken.
Wednesday: Salmon.
Thursday: Taco pie.
Friday: Pizza.
Saturday: Took hubby out to celebrate his birthday.

Week of 4/6-4/12

Sunday: Went out with friends for hubby’s birthday.
Monday: Spicy shredded chicken.
Tuesday: Beef stew.
Wednesday: Roast chicken.
Thursday: Shrimp pancakes.
Friday: Went out with hubby and daughter to dinner.
Saturday: Sesame chicken.

Week of 4/13-4/19

Sunday: Shrimp boil.
Monday: BBQ chicken sandwiches.
Tuesday: Spaghetti.
Wednesday: Orange chicken.
Thursday: Beef tips.
Friday: Got take out.
Saturday: Breakfast casserole.

Week of 4/20-4/26

Sunday: Got McDonalds.
Monday: Pasta bake.
Tuesday: French toast casserole.
Wednesday: Lemon chicken.
Thursday: Bubble pizza.
Friday: Take out.
Saturday: Rainbow trout.

Week of 4/27-4/30

No menu, we had a baby!



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