Pregnancy #2 | 6½ Months

Apart from announcing our pregnancy, I haven’t had much time to update on here much. But I figured as Z and I are planning on this being our last child, it would be nice to have memories. Better late than never! I probably won’t be doing weekly updates or anything but maybe just a quick update on the larger milestones like V-Day, 3rd trimester, VBAC updates, etc. Can’t believe how little is left of this pregnancy.


How far along?: 24 weeks, 3 days.

Gender Predictions?: We have known the sex since Christmas but are not announcing sex/name until birth.

Weight gain?: About 10lbs so far.

Maternity Clothes?: I have my ungodly expensive pair of maternity jeans from last time. (It’s stupid hard to find petite maternity jeans and the only ones I could find were designer.) I have some maternity leggings and I just got some amazingly comfortable maternity yoga pants. Other than that, just wearing my regular clothes.

Stretch Marks?: No new ones yet.

Belly Button In or Out?: In but getting pretty shallow.

Sleep?: Pretty garbage. The exhaustion is the only thing that has stuck around from the 1st trimester. I sleep, a lot, but it’s all broken. Tori’s been an angel and doesn’t mind the movie days in bed but I’m so tired all the time.

How have the past couple of weeks been?: Okay. Z is gone a lot for work so I miss him. We are still trying to play catch up on bills from moving.

How are you feeling physically?: Just tired.

Miss anything?: Frozen margaritas. IntaJuice smoothies.

Food Cravings/Aversions?: My cravings have been much tamer than with T. I can usually control them and they’re not as strong. I’ve been eating a lot of rice, fruits and vegetables though.

Movement?: All the time. My belly is constantly rolling.

How are you feeling mentally?: Stressed. We haven’t bought a single baby thing and we have less than 4 months to go.

Looking forward to?: Seeing this sweet baby!



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