Pink or Blue…

Either will do!
We are expecting…
Number 2!

That’s right! Come May of 2014, we will have one (and probably final!) addition to our little, loving family.


Finding Out

We hadn’t even been in Florida for a week when I began feeling a little bit… Funny. On August 23rd, 2013, 4 days after we arrived in Florida, I had a strange idea in the back of my mind that something was off. So, after Z fell asleep, I snuck out to Walgreens and bought a few pregnancy tests. Expecting them to be negative, I had quite a shock when I looked down…


Hello very distinct second line! We were about to be parents of two.

I tip toed into our room and sneakily grabbed Z’s phone and took a picture of the test. After I set it as his background, I laid next to him and woke him up proclaiming I felt awful and what time was it? After he tried to look at my phone, I insisted he check his and he did… Blinked a few times… And asked if I was serious. After I did, we both started crying and hugging. We told my parents a few days later with a cake.

First Appointment

Fast forward 4 weeks later, I’m pretty miserable at this point. I’ve been in the ER once to discover that I’m suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a very severe form of morning sickness. It’s extremely difficult for me to eat, drink, or keep anything down. After a few tries and the right medication, it’s slightly more bearable.

On Friday, September 20th, 2013, we had our first prenatal appointment. After an insane mess with insurance, we were taken back and we got to see our second beautiful angel. Heartbeat of 150BPM. I was pushed back from 8+6 to 7+4 making my new due date May 5th, 2014, Cinco de Mayo!

After our ultrasound, I met with the midwife. She was very kind and sweet but sadly informed me that because I had a c-section, if I continued with their practice I would have a repeat section. I was devastated. I am so desperate to try and attempt a VBAC but have been struggling to find a doctor that would help. She did refer me to an OB/GYN in Cape Coral, a little further away, that practices VBACs. Now I have to wait for my previous medical records to be sent over to see if I am a good candidate!

Z, T, and I are over the moon. We have been wanting to finish our family for a while and God has decided that now was the right time. T is so happy to be a big sister and gushes about her baby brother or sister every day. We feel so blessed that we are able to have another child and praying for a healthy baby and a possible VBAC delivery.



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